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    We started a hydrofoil company in canada called hydrodynamic foils and needed a suitable boat at a decent price. We found this 1990 sunsport and did some work to it to get it the way we liked it. New gelcoat, tower, walkway on rear pad and seat, clamshell hinging for rear storage, removed pylon,company logos new carpet and extended rear platform with padding.
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    Very nice boat !
    Can you post more pics of it ?
    Interior, swim platform, building process etc. ?
    1989 Supra Saltare

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    Sweeeeet I love orange . Can you tell more about the hydrofoils ? We are thinking about one in the near future.

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    Hydrofoils are the most fun you can have on the water imo. Our hydrofoils are designed with beginner and intermediate riders in mind. Wider board for easier starts,notched tip to keep the rope in proper position when starting, flat wings for more stable ride, more adjustable foot straps to fit more riders and seat pad with raised back to keep rider in correct position on seat. check out hydrodynamic foils on Facebook.
    I will add more boat photos as soon as i can get them to upload.
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    Default more pictures

    here are more photos
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