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Launch 22V Specs:

Boat Type V Drive
Bow Playpen
Length w/o Platform 22' 6"
Beam 100"
Draft 25"
Weight 3,800 lbs
Capacity (Passengers) 15 people
Capacity (Weight) 2,100 lbs
Fuel 39 gal.
Base Engine V-8 5.7L EFI
Manufacturer Indmar
Horsepower 325 HP
Engine Options 340, 409 or 450 HP
Factory Ballast Options Gravity III: 1,450 lbs

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A Little Bigger Boat. A Lot Bigger air.

Supra’s unrivaled wakeboard boat. All the agility of a smaller boat with all the weight and solidness of our 24V. The maneuverability of the 22V at both high and low speeds is the perfect compliment to the clean, full-bodied, tournament quality wakes it kicks out — making the 22V the boat of choice for professional wakeboarders and wake surfers, as well as pro division WWA World Championship Wake Skaters.

A true rider’s boat, the playpen design and Supra Sport Seating provides everyone on board a great way to watch the aerial show from multiple locations. Versatile double-up and triple-up seating provides rear-facing that gives up to six spectators a perfect view of all the rider’s high-flying action. The Launch 22 can now be ordered with a love seat or wrap around seating arrangement.

We’ve redesigned the helm station with a lower dash and a more ergonomic driver seat. New, more reliable swivel board racks have been added for easier access to equipment. Plus, a new Gravity III Ballast System Pump fills and empties front and back ballasts 300% faster.

If your idea of a perfect day is spending time on — 17, 18, or 19 feet above – the water, you’ve just found THE boat to help you get off to a flying start.