Supra Ride System


"A better boat. A better wake." These words may appear to be nothing more than a cleverly crafted advertising slogan until you feast your eyes on the new and exclusive Supra Ride System. It is the difference between being a boat that is all about wake performance and being a boat that actually isall wake performance. The Supra Ride System, standard on all Supra Models, allows you to custom design your wake into the exact type of launching pad you desire - from soft and buttery to big and beefy - and to enjoy it to the fullest extent in nearly any lake condition imaginable. VISION is the only system available that integrates ballast monitoring and control; speed-based automatic Smart Plate control; Zero Off GPS cruise; full GPS chart plotting with depth contours; a true iPod interface with a dedicated multimedia page; automatic speed-based stereo volume control; full engine diagnostics with code descriptions; dedicated day- and night-mode viewing; and much, much more. From now on, Supra riders will not only make big wakes, they'll own them personally.

The exclusive Supra Ride System is what elevates the performance of Supra boats above all other tournament wakeboard boats.Standard on all Supra Launch Models, the fully integrated Supra Ride System optimizes straight-line tracking, speed control and time to plane, while automatically adjusting at all times to rider preference for wake shape and hole shot. With the Supra Ride System, you can automatically fine-tune your wakes into a launching pad in virtually any lake condition imaginable. The Supra Ride System includes versatile multi-position seating so even the watchers can enjoy the show as much as the rider.

The Deep Drop V Keel
The deepest keel in the industry. Entry point design at 43 to 47 degrees keeps the bow in the water providing a smoother ride, plus superior tracking and handling in all water conditions.

Supra's V.I.S.I.O.N. System
Ballast monitoring and control; speed-based automatic Smart Plate control; Zero Off GPS cruise; full GPS chart plotting with depth contours; speed-based stereo control; full engine diagnostics; and much, much more.

The Gravity III ballast bag system
Adds weight at the push of a button for the fattest wakes, while giving you total control in adjusting wake size and wake balancing.

SmartPlate™ wake adjustment system
Optimizes hole shot,remembers and autom atically adjusts to a riders preferred wake shape and stores up to 8 different rider profiles in memory.

Multi-station rear-facing seating
A versatile configuration that allows up to 7 passengers to sit in comfort and style while directly facing all the action of the rider.

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