Where passion meets precision

Supra Boats is fueling water sports passion with a high performance 2015 model line defined by bold designs and interior refinement achieved through precision engineering. Supra wakes and waves push pros to new heights while preserving precise handling and a balanced ride for those in the boat. Propelled by the strongest most efficient power available, 2015 Supra boats are built with the high torque 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar. Audacious exterior styling keeps heads turning towards Supra boats no matter the body of water. That same bold style spills into Supra interiors precisely built for water sports boaters with an ever-evolving combination of function, comfort and elegance. Supra boats like the 2015 SE, SA and SC are precisely designed for wake boaters by wake boaters. This empathetic engineering becomes undeniable with rider-centric innovations like the transferable custom curl-making Supra Swell Surf System. Visit your local dealer and experience where passion meets precision; in a 2015 Supra boat.

Surf clean custom shaped waves with SUPRA SWELL

Clean custom shaped waves crash into convenience with the Swell, a next generation surf system from Supra Boats. The convenience of transferring side to side without moving ballast or people is only a small part of Supra Swell Surf System performance.

SUPRA Ford Raptor Engines

2015 Supra Boats come standard with the 400 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar upgradable to the 440 or Supercharge 575 for even more Supra Power. Supra Power cranks-out high torque at low RPM for faster pull-ups optimized by water sports-specific components and performance features that all combine for strong efficient operation.


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