21-Foot Boats: Compact Craftsmanship & Performance 

In the vast sea of boating choices, there’s a sweet spot that merges versatility with excitement and measures around 21ft. Whether chasing the endless surf wave, progressing your wakeboarding, getting out on a slalom ski, or just soaking up some sun, the 21-foot boat class offers a delightful combo of convenience and capability. This size is particularly enticing to both seasoned riders and riders looking to push the progression of their wakeboarding and wakesurfing. 

Discovering 21-Foot Wake Boats

Size matters, but bigger isn’t always better. In the world of tow boats, especially wake boats, 21 feet is a great size for what ever you need – not too big, not too small. Perfect for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and giving your neighbors a healthy dose of envy.

As you start your journey to find the perfect fit. We will break down some key things to consider when buying the perfect 21-foot boat.

How Much Does a 21 ft Boat Cost?

How much do you need to spend on a 21-footer? Prices of boats can vary a lot, just like anything else you might buy. The price range on a brand new 21-foot boat can typically run anywhere from $70,000 to $300,000+. Of course, what you end up spending largely depends on what features and extras you want. If technology or luxury is your jam, you could find yourself on the higher end of that range. But the Supra SV comes well equipped with more standard features and options then any other brand starting at $190,000.00. Remember, there’s something out there for every budget, the key is finding the right fit for you.

Key Features To Consider in a 21 Ft. Boat

Engine Size

The heart of the boat, where the magic happens. Depending on how one plans to use the boat – tranquil relaxing, cruising with family or adrenaline-pumping wake sports – engine size and horsepower will vary. For wakeboarding and wakesurfing? Aim high, more power and torque will give you the best riding experience. Also, know what you need, if you plan on running full ballast and adding extra weight, a bigger engine will make sure you can get up and ride without endless wait time for your boat to get on plane.


In the modern age of boating, choosing a boat isn’t just about picking a size and color – it’s about the plethora of features that come with it. And if you’re a wake enthusiast, some of these features are more than just fancy extras; they elevate your time on the water to the ultimate on-water experience.

  • Ballast Systems: One of the backbones of any great wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat, the ballast system plays a crucial role in creating that perfect wave. By adding weight to the boat, it makes larger displacement, crafting a more prominent wake for riders. Modern ballast systems are designed for efficiency and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the weight distribution to your liking.
  • Wake-Shaping Capabilities: Not all wakes are created equal. With advanced wake-shaping technology, you can customize the wake’s size, shape, and length. Whether you’re a pro with your sights on your next big trick or a beginner looking for a more mellow shape, these tools are there to personalize your wake.
  • Audio System: Modern boats are equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems. For instance, the Supra SV is equipped with a groundbreaking audio system featuring the first-of-its-kind DSD (Dynamic Sound Design) technology. There’s nothing like your favorite song being delivered to you as you carve through the water. 
  • Tower Design: If you’re into wakeboarding, a durable and stylish tower is a must-have. Not only does it serve as a mounting point for your ropes and board racks, but it can also house additional speakers, cameras and creative storage solutions. A standout example is the Supra Tower, which seamlessly integrates speakers into its design, ensuring you look and sound good on the water.
  • Seating and Storage: When you’re out on the water with friends or family, comfort and convenience are key. Plush seating ensures everyone’s lounging in comfort, while ample storage spaces keep your gear safe and easily accessible. 

21 Foot Boat Weight and Towing Considerations

Knowing the dry weight of your 21ft wake boat is crucial for safe and efficient transportation. Check your owners manual for exact specifications on your boat, also ensure your towing vehicle has the necessary towing capacity and is equipped with the correct hitch type. And always regularly inspect and maintain your trailer, including checking the tires, brakes, and lights, to ensure safety on the road.

Our Choice For The Best 21 ft Boat: Supra SV

The Supra SV has the harmonious blend of luxury and performance, it is unmatched in 21-foot wake boats. At 21’10”, it doesn’t just meet the expectations of a 21-footer; it exceeds them.

Balancing extreme performance with exquisite luxury, this boat elevates the wake experience. Its 3,800 pounds of ballast ensures those wakes are nothing short of legendary. And with a seating capacity of 15, there’s room for everyone. Because, after all, what’s a water adventure without sharing it with your friends and family?

Additionally, the new Dynamic Sound Design (DSD) technology, integrated into the Supra SV, is set to revolutionize on-water audio experiences. Prepare to be serenaded by unparalleled clarity, no matter the volume or song choice. 

And the innovations continue beyond there. The Supra Tower combines form and function in a dance of style and practicality, making it more than just a statement piece. Meanwhile, the DropStep ensures easy and graceful water access. All these features solidify the Supra SV’s position as the perfect 21-foot boat.