Supra’s Ultimate 23ft Boating Guide

The Supra SL: Ruling the 23ft Waters

When you’re talking about the sweet spot in wake boating, 23ft is where it’s at. Big and spacious with tons of storage, yet nimble in the water. And the Supra SL is the heart of this class, blending top-tier tech, versatility, and performance. 

New Features for 2024

The 23 ft Supra SL  is set to elevate its legacy in 2024. With a series of innovative upgrades and enhancements, the 2024 Supra SL is tailored to provide an unparalleled boating experience. Here are a few of the new features for 2024:

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New Supra Tower

This tower is not just a statement of style; it’s a testament to innovation and functionality. Stand out on the water with its captivating presence and enjoy an audio experience like no other, thanks to the industry-exclusive integrated speakers seamlessly integrated into the side arms of the tower. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Supra Tower combines form and function effortlessly. Its sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your boat, making heads turn wherever you go.

DSD Audio

At Supra Boats, we understand that true luxury requires a level of attention to detail that is simply unmatched. That’s why we embarked on a groundbreaking journey to develop a premium audio system the redefines marine sound. We partnered with an industry veteran known for their innovation, design and acoustical expertise for this journey. Every element of the audio system was meticulously crafted to meet our exacting standards through extensive collaboration between our Supra engineering team and our trusted partner, which resulted in the DSD audio system. Audio you can feel, to enhance your boating experience and move you in ways you never thought possible.


Designed to enhance your on-water experience, this actuated step seamlessly deploys and retracts from underneath the swim platform, transforming the way you access the water. No more struggling or awkward maneuvers when getting in and out of the water. The DropStep simplifies the process, making it effortless and smooth. With just a touch of a button, the step glides out, providing a stable platform for you to step onto, ensuring safe and hassle-free entry into the water.

Enhanced Seat Control

With four intuitive buttons located on the side of the seat, you can effortlessly adjust the seat position, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Whether you want to raise or lower the seat, move it forward or backward, the power is at your fingertips. Additionally, the seat presets feature lets you save your preferred positions for quick and easy adjustments. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a customized and luxurious boating experience with advanced electronic seat controls.

Standard AIS Flushing Outlets

Addressing the concerns of many, the 2024 Supra SL now comes with standard AIS flushing outlets on the exterior. These outlets are designed for decontamination purposes, catering especially to those who need to undertake this process after leaving certain lakes.

Electric Power Assist Steering

Introducing an innovative leap in boat handling: Electric Steering. With this cutting-edge system, navigating your watercraft has never been smoother or more effortless. The Electric Steering enhances precision and ease, providing a responsive and intuitive steering experience that revolutionizes your on-water control. Say goodbye to the days of manual steering and welcome the future of boat handling with this advanced technology.

Smart Seat Positioning 

Elevating driver comfort to new heights, the dynamic driver seat positioning automatically adjusts to ensure an unobstructed line of sight based on the boat’s angle.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a 23-Foot Boat


Coming in at 23’5”, the SL is large enough for your friends and family, yet is still agile and can maneuver like a smaller boat. WIth additional upgrades for 2024 like the larger rudder and optional Electric Steering Assist, you will have full control of your vessel with ease. If you add in the optional Thrusters as well, you will have the most control on the water, weather picking up a rider, docking or trailering your boat.

Storage and Docking:

When it comes to docking and storage, knowing your measurements is paramount. Whether you’re eyeing a spot at a marina or considering storage on your own property, the width or beam of your boat plays a crucial role. This 23-foot boat measures in at 102” wide, so it’s essential to evaluate your storage options and know all your measurements. If you are opting to store your SL on a boat lift, make sure to check your specifications on your lift to make sure it can hold the SL weight, coming in at 6,300lbs.


The SL has available seating capacity for 17, plenty of room for family and friends. But not only does the SL offer great versatile seating arrangements, it has tons of unique storage options to hold everything you need. From the in-floor cooler, to the hinged under seat compartments and the oversized trunk large enough for your surfboards, you will have plenty of space for it all.

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Keep Your Supra Looking Fresh: Maintenance and Care

To keep your Supra in prime shape, it’s all about regular maintenance and care:

  • Regular Service: Be sure to follow all the recommended service intervals for your SL. This will insure you warranty stays up to date and it will keep you on the water.
  • Clean and Shine: You always want your investment to stay looking like the day you go it. There are a variety of products specifically formulated for Supra’s materials. Be sure to check your owners manual to use the proper cleaning supplies.

Wrapping Up:

The 23ft boat category, especially with the Supra SL, is all about performance and good times. With all of it’s features, the SL will deliver what you expect on the water. Don’t miss out, see what your local dealer has in stock today! https://www.supraboats.com/dealer-locator/