The Ultimate 24 Foot Boat Experience: Supra SE

Wakeboarding, surfing, or just cruising – if you’re looking for the ultimate ride on the water, the 24 foot boat category offers more of everything, from seating and storage, to ballast and comfort. And when we talk 24 feet, we’re talking about the Supra SE.

Why a 24ft Boat:

Performance That Packs a Punch

The Supra SE isn’t just any 24 foot boat. It’s designed to give you the best wake performance out there. Whether you’re surfing, wakeboarding or just on a sunset cruise, this boat delivers. And with features like the AutoWake, Swell Surf and Sub Floor Ballast, the Supra SE delivers the perfect ride every time.

Room for Your Crew

With space for up to 18 people, the Supra SE ensures no one’s left on the dock. It’s all about comfort and style. With versatile seating, creative storage and luxury features like heated seats, your crew will be comfortable and have room to move.

New Features for the Supra SE 2024

The Supra SE, which had a stellar debut in 2023, has been further enhanced for 2024:

Redesigned Dash:

  • This cutting-edge dashboard combines style and functionality, offering a seamless integration of features that enhance your onboard experience. The integrated DSD audio immerses you in a world of crystal-clear sound, elevating your entertainment on the water. The new Grey/Black machined bezels add a touch of modern sophistication, complementing the sleek aesthetics. Stay connected and powered up with the added wireless charger in the glovebox, ensuring your devices are always ready for action. And for added convenience, the engine on/off button has been relocated to the inboard side of the dash, providing easier access and streamlined control. The redesigned dash is the epitome of innovation, offering a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and convenience that takes your boating experience to new heights.

DSD Audio Experience: 

  • At Supra Boats, we understand that true luxury requires a level of attention to detail that is simply unmatched. That’s why we embarked on a groundbreaking journey to develop a premium audio system the redefines marine sound. We partnered with an industry veteran known for their innovation, design and acoustical expertise for this journey.  Every element of the audio system was meticulously crafted to meet our exacting standards through extensive collaboration between our Supra engineering team and our trusted partner, which resulted in the DSD audio system. Audio you can feel, to enhance your boating experience and move you in ways you never thought possible.

Tower Enhancements: 

  • This tower is not just a statement of style; it’s a testament to innovation and functionality. Stand out on the water with its captivating presence and enjoy an audio experience like no other, thanks to the industry-exclusive integrated speakers seamlessly integrated into the side arms of the tower. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Supra Tower combines form and function effortlessly. Its sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your boat, making heads turn wherever you go.

Smart Seat Posistioning: 

  • Elevating driver comfort to new heights, the dynamic driver seat positioning automatically adjusts to ensure an unobstructed line of sight based on the boat’s angle.

Color and Interior Enhancements:

  • New colors for 2024 include Spearmint, Slate Blue, Ultraviolet, and Arctic Blue.
  • New Gatorstep colors have been introduced, complementing the boat’s interior.
  • Custom speaker grills with anodized accents have been added, ensuring the speakers blend seamlessly with the boat’s interior design.

Additional Features:

  • A 4-heater system has been introduced, providing more accessibility to heater hoses.
  • Updated connectors for the bow and rear sunshade options.
  • An optional interior washdown system, ideal for those without dockside hose access.
  • A longer T-handle plug for easier access.
  • Standard AIS flushing outlets on the boat’s exterior for efficient decontamination.

24 Foot Boat Factors To Think About


Navigating with a 24-foot boat can be a different experience compared to piloting smaller vessels. Their larger size can pose challenges to newer boat drivers in tight marinas, near docking areas, or in busy waterways. It’s crucial to be aware of these nuances to ensure safe and efficient handling. But with our new larger rudder, Electric Assist Steering and Stern Thrusters it is easier than ever before to handle your 24ft boat.

Storage and Mooring:

Storing a 24-foot boat demands more space. Whether you’re considering off water storage, a marina berth, or a boat lift, it’s essential to factor in the associated costs and the availability of suitable spaces to accommodate a boat of this size. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the specs and measurements of the Supra SE to ensure you will have the right place to store it.


The ability of a 24-foot boat to gracefully handle rough waters is superior. This size offers enhanced stability in choppy conditions and provides a smooth ride compared to some smaller sized boats.


A 24-foot boat naturally offers more space, translating to a higher passenger and gear capacity. While this is an advantage, it’s equally vital to be aware of the boat’s maximum load limit to ensure safety.


Trailering a 24-foot boat presents its own set of challenges. Ensure your vehicle is equipped to tow a boat of this magnitude. Carefully read and understand the dry weight of this boat combined with the trailer weight. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the intricacies of launching and retrieving such a sizable vessel, especially in varying ramp conditions.

By understanding these factors, prospective boat owners can make informed decisions, ensuring their 24-foot boat aligns perfectly with their needs and expectations.

The 24 foot boat scene is growing, and the Supra SE is leading the charge. It’s the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and practicality. Whether you’re a wakeboarding pro or just love a good time on the water, this is the boat to check out. Visit your local dealership to set up a demo today! https://www.supraboats.com/dealer-locator/