Jamie Lopina



Hometown: Minooka, IL USA is the original, but now Orlando, FL USA

Other Sponsors: Ronix, Body Glove

Stance: Goofy

Boat: SA 550

Favorite Movie: Lilo & Stitch

Favorite Place to Ride: “For boat, the Murray River down under in Echuca, Australia. The town feels pretty outback-ish, the water is always glassy, and the stars will blow your mind! Cable would probably be down the river in the middle of Milan, was just an unreal experience.”

Favorite Trick: 321

Number of Years Riding: “About 9 years! We lived on a ski lake growing up but never really did much else but go tubing haha. One year I went to summer camp (it’s called Water Monkey), learned a flip, and then begged my parents to go wakeboarding more often. Eventually we came down to Orlando and everything took off from there!”

Hobbies ( Other than Wakeboarding) : “Surfing, skating, reading, volleyball, and just anything outside really!”

“Earn it, don’t expect it.”

Career Achievements

Wakeboarding Mag Full Scope Award 2021

Moxie Pro Boat Champ 2021

Moxie Pro Cable Champ 2021

Redbull Wake the City Champ

2021 Copycats Cover 2021

Nautique Boats Nationals 3rd Place 2019

Malibu Boats Factory Pro 2nd Place 2018

Moomba Masters Best Trick 2018

Moomba Masters 3rd Place 2017

Plastic Playground Champ 2016

Junior National Champ 2015