400 | 450

20' 11"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,300 lbs

Standard Ballast

Starting at $127,600

An achievement in crossover excellence, the Supra® SR™ has all of the features and luxury that can fit in 20'11".


400 | 450 | 575

22' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $142,800

Impressive features and performance define this build. It’s also the Official Towboat of Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour.


400 | 450 | 575

23' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

3,500 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $144,800

A larger boat means bigger wakes and waves. This boat is built for unforgettable surf and wakeboard sessions.

2021 Supra SE


450 | 575

24' 5"

Overall Length


Seating Capacity

4,100 lbs

Sub-floor Ballast

Starting at $157,400

Our biggest towboat sets the bar of what a towboat should be. The 2021 Supra® SE™ is the benchmark in towboat performance.

Supra reviews

Find out what Supra owners have to say about their towboats.

Wow... what an upgrade.

Jerry H

I've had a few boats over the years. Old '89 Arriva. A '05 Tige 24V. Our first new boat, a 2019 23LSV, more focused on surfing. Each boat progressively better wake/surf than the last. I thought that was the pinnacle. Holy crap... it gets better. It gets SO MUCH better. The Supra SA400 surf wave, once setup (which the dealer did for me) is just turn it on an go, 2 people on the boat, or 10, perfect wave every time. The tech features of the controls/stereo/lighting are amazing. Amazing.

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Always end up buying another Supra

Matthew H

Have owned 3 different Supra boats over the last 6 years. My wife and I love our new 2020 SA400. We've found our 10 year boat, and couldn't imagine it being anything but a Supra!

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Supra SA450


Purchased a 2020 Supra SA 450 last year and can't say enough about the boat. Quality, appearance, engine, craftsmanship, and wake are second to none. I did a ton of research before buying this boat, and for the money and overall value, you will not find a better boat and you will not be disappointed with a Supra. Amazing!

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Best wave !

Dan L

I love everything about the boat but the best feature is the wave it makes. We bought the boat to surf and Supra boats make the best wave.

Supra Superiority

Steve A

Supra is the best boat in the category. Show me a better boat at a better price, and I’ll buy it.

Great Boat and Dealership

David N

Happy with my choice of the SA 450 and the teamwork of Shawn and Tyler at Martin Motors!

Copper Rush Paridise

William( Bart) B

This is the absolute best surf boat in its class, it excels in family fun. It's the perfect boat to pull your kids in a tub at 30MPH and send them flying through the air. The surf wave is second to known. You can't buy a better wake boat.

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Best boats on the market

Steven L

Best multi functional wakeboat on the market period!

Supra Stoked

Mike F

After owning a Supra it would be hard to have me look at something else. With the quality of the fit and finish you can tell the guys building the boat take pride in what they do.

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Supra is awesome

Zachary K

Great boat

Supra SA

Shane R

Best boat brand around !! Only company that will get my business

Great boat and fun times

Alex M

I just purchased a new Supra SA in 2020 and had a blast all summer long. It was a challenge to get out during Covid but we were always excited when we could. Even though the boat was a new model in 2020 and required a few tweaks, I could always get on the phone and get it fixed asap (even on the weekends).

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Quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail.......

Allen K

I’ve owned several boats in my lifetime, I’ve had Mastercraft, Nautique, and a couple other brands. My very first boat was a late 80’s Supra Comp TS6M, that boat started my love for the Supra brand... I traded around and went back to Supra in the mid 90’s. Have been a Supra only fan since. Our latest addition, 2020 SA 450, is nothing less than amazing. New designs, controls, and the thought that was put into the design is nothing less than perfection. We love our new boat...

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Rachel M

I am coming out of an older Nautique and this 2021 Supra feels like a spaceship. The technology, craftsmanship, and special features have blown me away. I also can not speak more highly of Atlanta Marine and Mike LaMacchia. I have never had better customer service from anyone in my entire life.

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Best boats on the market

Steven L

I've had many ski/surf boats, these by far take the cake!!! Great styling , unrivaled performance and absolute killer wakes !!! I have owned 3 supras in the past few years and if able I'll continue the journey with them. This is the boat you need!

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2020 Supra SA

Daniel D

After owning other wake boat brands I can honestly say our Supra has been the best in overall quality and fit and finish. If you are in the market for a new boat Supra should be at the top of your list.

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Rinkers Boat World/Supra Boats

Waylon (Rance) T

I have purchased multiple Supra Boats over the last 5 years. All have been better than the prior years. I love the direction Supra is going and cant wait to see what is next. Rinkers Boatworld as a dealer has been second to none. They always go out of their way to take care of my family.

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Supra SA400 is beyond what I expected!!

John A

I did a ton of research before purchasing as if this isn't almost the largest purchase other than a house. After all the visits, demos, and internet searching, the Supra family just felt like the right fit. Based on quality, technology, warranties, and pricing, I don't think you can really find a better boat. I searched every manufacturer in the wakesurf realm from Axis to all the way up to top tier Nautique and again, based on value, Supra SA fit right where I wanted to be. Thanks!

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John V

We did some serious research before pulling the trigger and purchasing a Supra, and we couldn't be more pleased. From the way it looks to it's performance, we are so happy. My wife loves the ample storage, trash bin, heated seats, heater, convertible bench to table, and most of all the interior space/seating. The wake is incredible for both wake surfing and wake boarding. Supra really thought of it all!

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Oustanding Service

Dean D

I bought a new Supra SA450 2020. I had a minor problem with my belt squealing. Apparently dust from the factory gets under the belt making the squeal. I called service and they asked me what is the best time for them to come out. I made an appointment and they came right to my boat and changed the belt. It was supra(super) awesome service. The boat is outstanding and the wave is like no other. Highly recommend a supra boat. Dean.D

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