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Clarity and Confidence.

When you have clarity, confidence follows. That’s why the Supra Protection Plan includes four levels of industry-leading coverage to ensure years of worry-free ownership.


This Limited Warranty applies to the deck, hull, floor (excluding carpet) and stringers for the lifetime of the boat (the “Lifetime Warranty Period”) from the original date of purchase by the First Owner (the “Original Purchase Date”). This Supra Limited Warranty may be transferred to a second owner. The remaining duration of the Supra limited warranty from the first owner’s original purchase date is transferable. A nominal warranty transfer fee and a dealer inspection are required. Exclusions and ownership limitations do apply.


This Limited Warranty applies to Covered Components other than the deck, hull, floor, and stringers for a period of five years (the "Five-Year Warranty Period") from the original date of purchase by the First Owner (the "Original Purchase Date"), except that the Vision™ Control System has a Limited Warranty for a period of three years. Exclusions apply. Skier’s Choice will supply replacement parts and labor to replace covered components during the first five of ownership from the original date of purchase by the First Owner (the “Original Purchase Date”).


Indmar® Warrants all 2016-2020 Ford® based engine assemblies for a period of (5) years following delivery. The warranty is administered directly through Indmar Products, Inc. and is fully transferable. There are no third parties involved or insurance involvement. The warranty is available for U.S., Canadian and International customers.

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