Seattle Boat Show Feb 3-11 2023

Seattle Boat Show 2/3 – 2/11

The 2023 Seattle Boat Show is right around the corner, and Supra Boats is excited to showcase our latest and greatest models. This year’s show will be held at the Lumen Field Event Center and Bell Harbor Marina from February 3rd-11th. If you live in the PNW, this is a boat show you do not want to miss.

If you’re in the market for a new wakeboard boat, attending the Seattle Boat Show is an excellent opportunity to see all your options in one place. The Seattle Boat Show will feature a wide range of boat models from Supra, so you can compare different models to see which one is the best fit for you.

One of the biggest benefits of attending a boat show is the ability to see the boats in person. It’s one thing to look at pictures online, but it’s another to see the boats in person and get a feel for their size, features, and overall design. You can walk around the boats, sit in the driver’s seat, and talk with Supra staff about the ins and outs of the boats.

Here is a little preview of the models and features you will be able to explore at the Seattle Boat Show.

Boat Models:

One of our most popular models is the SA. The SA is a versatile boat that is perfect for riders of all levels. It features a deep hull and a powerful engine, making it easy to create a perfect wake for riding. The SA also has a spacious interior with plenty of room for friends and family. The SA can hold up to 16 people, has 3500 lbs of ballast, and is 22.5 feet long. The SA is the official towboat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour.

The Supra SL model is a slightly smaller option compared to the SE, but uncompromising and fierce. At 23.5 ft. long and offers the capacity of 17 people, and a 4000 lb ballast.

Our smallest boat offering is the Supra SR. Although it is smaller at only 20ft 11in, it still packs a punch with 3300 lbs of ballast. It can still hold a good number of passengers with a capacity of up to 14 people.

For those who want a more luxurious experience, the SE is a great choice. The SE is a top-of-the-line model with all the bells and whistles. It features a sleek exterior design, a spacious interior with luxurious amenities, and a powerful engine for a smooth and comfortable ride. The SE can hold up to 18 people, has 4700 lbs of ballast, and is 24.5 feet long


All our boats include our patented AutoWake system. This is similar to autopilot but with way more capabilities. The AutoWake system automatically manipulates the hull position to produce a precise wake or wave — every time. And it does it all without interrupting passengers or distracting the driver. Only Supra’s wakesurf system uses four patented, advanced sensors to continuously ensure the hull position maintains optimal pitch, roll, and draft. And as it moves, it adjusts the ballast accordingly. This system is a must-see in person, so be sure to stop by and see us at the Seattle Boat Show.

The boats also include our Supra Smart Plate and Supra Swell System 3.0. These two features combined create the Supra Launch System which enables our boats to get on plane as fast as possible.

The Supra SmartPlate optimizes hull position for better wake and wave control and can be used to smooth out the ride in rough water.

The Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push all the way through—perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side.

These systems are found within each of our models, and there are other features unique to each model as well. There’s a reason Supra has been the official towboat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour for so many years. Come check them out for yourself!

In addition to checking out Supra boats at the Seattle Boat Show, you can also attend educational seminars, meet with industry experts, and shop for all the latest boating gear and accessories. There will be plenty of activities for the whole family, including a Youth Boating Center with interactive classes and activities.

If you can not wait for the boat show to check out our boats in person feel free to visit our local dealer outside of Seattle. Northwest Inboards is located in Issaquah, and they would love to show you all that Supra has to offer.  If you’re not in the area use our dealer locator to find the closest dealer near you!

If you are new to the area or to the sport, here are a couple solid options where you can take your boat out!

Lake Washington is located minutes from Seattle, directly to the east. It is the second largest natural lake in the entire state. It is a good thing that it’s such a large lake due to its accessibility. If you want to go for a quick ride on a summer weeknight, this is the place to go.

Also just a short drive from Seattle is Lake Sammamish. There are 9 boat launches in Lake Sammamish State Park, make sure to purchase all necessary permits before traveling there. Here is more information about the State Park

If you want to get further away from Seattle, Lake Tapps is a great choice. It is less than an hour from Seattle, and provides an incredible view of Mt. Rainier. During the summer the lake maintains recreational water height, so no matter the lack of rain or surplus of rain the water levels are always ideal.

There are many new and exciting boats and features to explore during the winter while you are dreaming of warm summer days at these local spots! Cure your post-holiday blues and mark your calendars for the Seattle Boat Show from February 3rd-11th  2023. We look forward to seeing you there!