Supra Boats 2024

Supra Boats 2024


Supra Boats Unveils the Supra SV, DSD Audio and New Features To the Supra Line Up: Elevating Luxury and Performance on the Water

Maryville, Tennessee, 8/8/23 – Supra Boats proudly introduces the latest addition to its remarkable lineup – the Supra SV. This groundbreaking model promises to redefine the very essence of luxury and performance on the water, setting a new standard for excellence in design, innovation, and unparalleled audio experiences. 

At 21’10” in length, the Supra SV commands attention with its aggressive styling and meticulous attention to detail. This masterpiece of craftsmanship boasts a person capacity of 15, providing ample room for memorable outings with family and friends. With a sleek profile that is impossible to ignore, the Supra SV turns heads wherever it goes. 

Supra Introduces an all New Audio Experience: Dynamic Sound Design. Supra Boats collaborated with a seasoned industry veteran renowned for their acoustical expertise to develop the revolutionary DSD audio system. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to perfection, this premium sound system envelops passengers in an auditory adventure that was previously unimaginable. The collaboration between Supra’s engineering team and their trusted partner has yielded an audio system that transcends expectations and redefines the way marine sound is experienced.

Beyond the SV and DSD, the Supra introduces a stunning new tower design that fuses innovation with style across the entire line. The Supra Tower, a testament to both functionality and elegance, incorporates industry-exclusive integrated speakers seamlessly integrated into its side arms. The tower’s sleek lines and modern aesthetic lend an air of sophistication, making a bold statement both in terms of form and function.

Supra also introduced a captivating range of new gel colors: Spearmint, Slate blue, Ultra Violet, and Arctic. 

Supra represents a pinnacle of excellence, combining precision engineering, groundbreaking audio innovation, and stunning design to create a vessel that redefines luxury and performance on the water. Supra Boats invites water enthusiasts and connoisseurs of quality to experience the 2024 line up for themselves and embark on a journey of uncompromising luxury.

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About Supra Boats:

Supra Boats is a renowned name in the marine industry, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design to deliver vessels that embody luxury, performance, and unmatched quality. With a rich history of crafting boats that redefine expectations, Supra Boats continues to lead the way in delivering unparalleled experiences on the water.