Supra FXOne Power Tower: Ultimate Wake Tower for Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing Enthusiasts

Our innovative wake tower that is designed to transform your boating experience. As a leader in the industry, we’ve crafted this ultimate wake boat accessory with cutting-edge technology and an array of exceptional features. In this article, we’ll delve into the design, features, and benefits of the FXOne Power Tower to discover why it stands out in the wake tower market. So, let’s get started!

Design & Materials

The Supra FXOne Power Tower strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its sleek design showcases an eye-catching appearance without compromising its robust performance. Crafted with the highest level of precision, the Power Tower boasts a minimalistic yet stylish look that complements the overall design of your Supra boat.

The billet aluminum FxONE Power Folding Tower features power actuators that lock securely into position at full deployment or full collapse, making your Supra® easily trailered with the tower up or down. Tower base color options, as well as accent and surf side tow point options, make it truly customizable.

In the construction of the FXOne Power Tower, we’ve employed the use of high-quality, durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The frame is made of strong, lightweight billet aluminum, providing a stable structure that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The components and hardware are constructed from marine-grade stainless steel—chosen for its long-lasting durability and resistance to harsh environments—enhancing the Power Tower’s ability to withstand the elements it faces daily on the water. 

The FxONE Power Folding Tower is a bold combination of form and function–and standard on every Supra. It’s made from billet aluminum to reduce flex and rattle and it can be deployed at the push of a button. An optional Surf Side Tow Point allows riders to get into position easily, while power actuators lock securely at any position at full deployment or full collapse.


The Supra FXOne Power Tower has been purposefully constructed with a wide array of compelling features that elevate your boating experience, adding convenience and functionality to every adventure on the water:

Patented Power Folding Feature

Our Powered Tower enables you to effortlessly fold down the tower with a single touch of a button. This innovative mechanism allows you to manage height constraints due to bridges or storage facilities with ease, simplifying your boating experience. The folding process is swift and efficient, making it simple to maneuver and reducing the overall time spent on setup or teardown.

Integrated Sunshade System

The FXOne Power Tower incorporates an adjustable bimini, providing you with an integrated sunshade system that offers optimal sun protection for you and your guests. The high-quality bimini fabric is designed to block out the sun’s rays, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and cool ambiance on board, no matter how harsh the sun may be. The bimini works seamlessly with the Power Tower, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

These features, implemented with both performance and convenience in mind, set the Supra FXOne Power Tower apart from conventional wake towers. Our commitment to thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology ensures that your wakeboarding or wakesurfing experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Accessories & Integration

The Supra FXOne Power Tower is designed with compatibility and customization in mind, allowing for seamless integration with various boat accessories to enhance your overall experience on the water. By accommodating these additional features, the FXOne Power Tower offers versatility that caters to diverse preferences and requirements.

Swivel Board Racks

Our swivel racks are built to fit the FXOne Power Tower perfectly, offering convenience and accessibility. These intuitive racks rotate inward, making it easy to load and unload your wakeboards or wakesurf boards. Equipped with a spring loaded clamp to securely hold your boards in place, ensuring they are safe and ready for your next ride.

LED Dome Light Kit

The FXOne Power Tower offers compatibility with an LED dome light kit, adding a touch of illumination to your evening adventures. The powerful LED lights enhance boat visibility, providing a safer environment for you and your guests as you enjoy the magic of late-night boating.

Premium Sound by JL Audio™ 

Enjoy the sweet sounds of JL audio® speakers, standard in every Supra. Each comes acoustically-treated and engineered to your specific model. Want more power? Upgrade your audio system with additional tower speakers. Regardless, your system is fully-integrated with our Vision Control System for quick touchscreen access.

Performance & Safety

At Supra Boats, our primary focus lies in providing products that deliver outstanding performance and ensure the utmost safety for their users. With the FXOne Power Tower, our mission is to combine these two critical aspects to create a reliable, enjoyable wakeboarding and wakesurfing experience.

Stability & Strength

The FxOne Power Tower’s sturdy construction and use of high-quality materials provide exceptional stability on the water, ensuring that the tower remains steadfast. It is designed and tested to efficiently handle the pressures of towing, seamlessly transferring the load through its robust aluminum frame. This precise engineering results in a wake tower that offers a smooth, stable towing experience for every rider.

Vision Touch System

Embedded in the FXOne Power Tower is the intuitive Vision Touch System, which allows you to control and manage the tower with remarkable ease. The touchscreen interface streamlines the operation process, enabling you to adjust vital settings such as the patented power folding feature with just a touch of a button. This user-friendly system consolidates extensive functionality into one straightforward, easy-to-navigate control center.

Time-saving Aspects

The Power Tower’s design contributes to a more efficient boating experience by saving precious time on setup, teardown, and operation. With its power folding system, you can capitalize on every moment spent on the water, as it takes mere seconds to fold or unfold the tower. Additionally, the seamless integration of accessories, such as the swivel racks, expand the Power Tower’s functionality without creating complications in its operation.

The Supra FXOne Power Tower emphasizes user-friendliness and operational efficiency to create a first-rate boating experience. Meticulously designed control mechanisms and time-saving features ensure that your time on the water remains focused on the thrilling world of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, leaving you to make the most of every adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Customer Reviews & Experiences

We take immense pride in the Supra FXOne Power Tower and the many ways it has contributed to our customers’ enhanced boating experiences. By examining the feedback from boaters who have chosen to equip their Supra boats with the FXOne Power Tower, we can gain insight into how this exceptional wake tower has transformed their time on the water.

Many customers have shared their appreciation for the convenience and functionality of the patented power folding feature, emphasizing how it has made managing height constraints a breeze. They’ve also commented on the streamlined folding process, which saves valuable time for more enjoyment out on the water.

Our users have praised the FXOne Power Tower’s sleek design, stating that it not only performs remarkably but also accentuates the overall aesthetics of their Supra boats. The integrated sunshade system has also received commendations for its ability to provide optimal sun protection during long hours of wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

One aspect that arises time and time again in customer feedback is the convenience offered by the FXOne Power Tower’s compatibility with various boat accessories. The seamless integration of components such as swivel racks, LED dome light kits, and Wet Sounds™ audio equipment contributes to a fully tailored and complete boating experience.

Lastly, the ease of use and control, facilitated by the Vision Touch System, has been acknowledged by our customers, who value a user-friendly interface that consolidates control over the Power Tower’s extensive functionality.

These testimonials demonstrate the positive impact the Supra FXOne Power Tower has had on the boating experience of our customers, showcasing its innovative, versatile, and efficient design that caters to a wide range of preferences and requirements.


The Supra FXOne Power Tower stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation, style, and performance in the wakeboarding and wakesurfing industry. With its cutting-edge features, sleek design, and emphasis on user convenience, the FXOne Power Tower is the ultimate wake tower for your Supra boat. Its impeccable performance, safety features, and seamless integration with a multitude of accessories ensure an exhilarating and memorable experience on the water.

If you’re ready to get into a Supra boat with the exceptional FXOne Power Tower, don’t hesitate to find your nearest dealer and enhance your wakeboarding and wakesurfing adventures today. Locate your nearest dealer and begin your journey towards the pinnacle of boating experiences – equipped with the ultimate wake tower.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of a wake tower?
    A wake tower is designed to provide a higher tow point for wakeboarding or wakesurfing, which helps riders achieve higher jumps and better aerial tricks.
  2. What makes the FXOne Wake Tower unique?
    The FXOne Wake Tower offers patented power folding, integrated sunshade and is customizable with various boat accessories. It combines convenience with a sleek design and outstanding performance.
  3. How easy is it to operate the FXOne Power Tower?
    The FXOne Power Tower can be easily operated with a simple touch of a button.
  4. Is the FXOne Power Tower compatible with my Supra boat?
    The FXOne Power Tower is designed for integration with Supra boats. Please check your boat model’s compatibility with the manufacturer.
  5. What accessories can be attached to the FXOne Wake Tower?
    The FXOne Wake Tower is compatible with accessories such as swivel racks, LED dome light kit, Surf Tow points and JL Audio exclusive equipment.
  6. How safe is the FXOne Power Tower?
    The FXOne Power Tower is tested and designed with safety in mind, featuring excellent stability, strength for towing.