Supra Smart Plate – The Smart Choice for Wake Shaping

As experts in wake boats and wake boarding, we at Supra Boats are devoted to advancing the boating industry through relentless innovation. Our commitment to exceptional performance, unmatched style, and precise engineering ensures that each vessel we craft surpasses your expectations. In this article, we’ll focus on our industry leading Surf System, specifically the Supra Smart Plate, and explore how it revolutionizes the wake surfing and wakeboarding experience by creating the perfect wave to suit every rider.

Our expertise in wake shaping technology enables us to design and engineer boats that optimize performance, enabling you to enjoy the perfect wake every time you hit the water. We understand that every rider’s style and ability is unique, which is why our Supra Smart Plate allows riders to customize waves and wakes to their individual preferences. Pick your perfect wave, and let’s ride!

Supra Surf System: An Overview

We are proud to present the Supra Surf System — a cutting-edge combination of AutoWake, Swell Surf, and supraSMART technologies. These innovative components work cohesively to provide unparalleled control and convenience over wakes and waves, ensuring an extraordinary experience for both wake surfers and wakeboarders.

The Supra Surf System’s integral elements work harmoniously to maintain perfect surf conditions tailored to individual riders:

  • AutoWake system: This ingenious feature plays a vital role in the Surf System, using advanced sensors to monitor and adjust ballast levels in real-time, effortlessly ensuring optimal hull position.
  • Swell Surf System: Supplementing the AutoWake system is the Swell Surf System, which enables highly customizable, competition-level wakes through its innovative design. This component empowers riders to precisely configure their wakes, catering to their unique requirements.
  • supraSMART technologies: These advanced technologies facilitate smooth integration between various components, streamlining the user experience by simplifying control over all aspects of the Surf System.

Together, the coordination of these cutting-edge elements forms the Supra Surf System, which surpasses conventional wake shaping capabilities and elevates the wakeboarding and wake surfing experience to unparalleled levels. This impressive synergy is the embodiment of our expertise and commitment to delivering the finest wake shaping solutions for all riders.


The Supra Smart Plate is undeniably a game changer when it comes to wake shaping. Its unmatched versatility and adaptability allow for a highly customizable experience. Supra remains steadfast in pushing the boundaries of innovation to ensure that wake surfers, wakeboarders, and watersports enthusiasts enjoy the ultimate experience on the water. Discover the difference a Supra Smart Plate can make for your wake surfing adventures by finding the nearest dealership today!