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Cutting Edge Technology for a Superior Experience

Discover the technology that sets Supra Boats apart and elevates your boating experience to new heights. From advanced control systems to premium sound systems, innovations have been integrated to deliver an unparalleled on-water experience.

what's new for twenty three

intuitive systems


AutoWake® takes the guesswork out of wakes and waves. This patented, industry-exclusive hull management system automatically manipulates the hull position to produce a precise wake or wave — every time. And it does it all without interrupting passengers or distracting the driver. Not only is AutoWake technologically impressive, it’s also an impressive feat of engineering. It’s as simple to operate as it is effective.


There’s a science to making precise wakes and waves. With innovations like our AutoWake ® Leveling feature and the Supra Launch System, it’s clear we’ve put more thought into your ride than anyone. In addition to our innovations, we also include more standard features on our boats than anyone in the industry, including the FxOne Power Tower, Powered and Heated Driver’s Seat, and Chill Tech Vinyl.

surf system

Swell Surf System - It's all about the position of the boat, our Swell Surf System positions your hull in the water to create the perfect wake. Swell delivers tall waves with long pockets that send the optimal push all the way through. But with a flip of a switch instantly shift and create a perfect identical wake on the other side, making wake to wake transfers a breeze.

Dual Stern Thrusters

Supra’s patented Dual Stern Thrusters Throttle Knob Control gives you precise control from a simple twist of a knob. Designed for improved maneuverability while docking, trailering or picking up a rider, you’ll have more control on the water than ever before.



Increase your comfort with flip-up backs on the sundeck. Available on the SE, SL and SA.

*Flip-up backs are not to be used while the boat is in motion or running.


With Chill Tech Vinyl, even dark colors stay cool to the touch in direct sunlight — all to keep you and your passengers more comfortable.


Versatile seating options. WIth an all new redesigned refacing flip seat, that offers multiple positions, this new seat gives you more seating options as well as an elevated table for next level function. Through our our models there are also flip up passenger seats to offer more rear view seating to watch the riding.


Add traction and functional style throughout your Supra with GatorStep non-skid flooring. Available in multiple colorways, it’s just another way to make your statement.

Driver focused


Intuitive navigation, sleek Supra style and design offer one-touch access to media, wake, surf and lighting controls — all are at your command and on three advanced touchscreen displays throughout your Supra dash.

Control at your finger tips

Our newly redesigned steering wheel give you full access and control to every option within your dash screens. Control your wake, speed, audio and more without taking your hands off the wheel. Complete control, all the time.

vision control center

Intuitive navigation, sleek Supra style and design offer one-touch access to media, wake, surf and lighting controls — all are at your command and on three advanced touchscreen displays throughout your Supra dash. Tap into your rear facing camera to see what is going on and have maximum visability at all times.

Power Heated Captain's Seat

The only standard power height-adjustable heated captain’s chair in the industry. Once you set your preferences on the Vision Control dash, and you will have unmatched comfort all day long.

function by design

transom walkthrough

We did not over look the importance of a well designed transom. From our walkthough with GatorStep non-skid, to our well placed and functional storage compartments there is not once inch of unused or space. Along with our swim deck audio controls that allow you to stay in the water and still control your vibe, Supra’s transom proves to be one of the industry's most well designed.

rear flip seat

The rear facing flip seat offers up to 8 positions. Move from position to position with ease as the seat flips and turns to provide you with all the configurations you will need to maximize your day on the water. From standard rear bench seat to flip facing the action, to an elevated table top, this new design will have your head spinning with possibilities.

switchback seating

This unique feature is dual purpose. Now a windscreen doubles as a third forward facing bow seat.

*Available on select models.


When creating an extraordinary towboat, not just any power plant will do. That’s why your Supra uses the potent Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine. It provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions.




The 6.2L Raptor 400 is engineered to deliver 404 ft-lbs of torque at a moment’s notice for faster acceleration and faster planing.


Opt for an additional 60 HP and 48 lb-ft of torque with the Raptor 450 upgrade and grab even more punch from the throttle.


Add the optional 6.2L ROUSHcharged™ Raptor 575 by Indmar to crank out an incredible 580 lb-ft of torque from select Supra models.

Line of Sight

rear facing cameras

See more than ever before. Dual rear facing cameras are standard in all models seamlessly integrated into the tower and transom grab handle and synced to display on the driver's vision control center.

ptm mirror

The Mirror provides the captain with 140-degree views of their surroundings to ensure the entire crew stays safe on those busy lake days. Follow your riders wake to wake with the prescription-grade optics and don't worry about fading quality due to the UV-resistant housing.

gopro mounts

PHENDER PRO QUICK-RELEASE GoPro® CAMERA MOUNT adapts easily to different camera models and provides versatile 360 degree tension rotation while reducing vibration.

towering advantage

The FxONE Power Folding Tower is a bold combination of form and function–and standard on every Supra. It’s made from billet aluminum to reduce flex and rattle and it can be deployed at the push of a button. An optional Surf Side Tow Point allows riders to get into position easily, while power actuators lock securely at any position at full deployment or full collapse.

swivel board racks

PTM's Clamping Swivel Board Racks (standard feature) rotate inboard and lock securely in place to maximize space and provide easy board access.

full length sunshade

Get out on the water but stay in the shade when you need to with this newly designed feature. Our full length sun shade offers you the ability to stay cool and shaded from bow to stern.

surf tow points

The surf tow points allow riders to get into position easily. Whether you are a new rider or expert, this takes out the work of getting to your side of the wake.


premium audio by JL

Enjoy the sweet sounds of JL Audio® speakers, standard in every Supra. Each come acoustically-treated and engineered to your specific model. Want more power? Upgrade your audio system with additional tower speakers. Regardless, your system is fully-integrated with our Vision Control System for quick touchscreen access.

control zones

Standard on all Supra models, are two additional audio control units located on the passenger side of the boat as well as the transom.

dual subs

Elevate your sound. These dual subs are capable of producing staggering amounts of jaw-dropping bass in infinite-baffle applications. These come standard in all SA, SL, & SE (unavailable in SR).

performance driven

sub floor ballast

Subfloor ballast provides you with the option of adding the perfect amount of extra weight to shape your wake, but doesn’t take up any storage or seating areas. Sleek and hidden, but with 6 pumps filling and draining you get the weight you need delivered when you need it.

gps cruise control

Zero Off is a GPS speed control system, based solely on the input from satellites and the engine management system. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water. You simply set the desired speed and go.

Rider Profiles

Easily set and save ideal rider and activity presets. Save all the preferred details and just hit the rider’s preferred setting on your Supra, and it will take care of it.

space with purpose

transom trunk

Easy to access Transom Trunk Storage locker to keep your boards safe and secure. With room for up two boards and easy to access from the swim platform our Surf Storage is one of those features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

under floor storage

No wasted space, our engineers have maximized and utilized every inch of previously unused cavities within the boat.

a place for everything

From hinged cushions in the bow and main cabin, underfloor storage, to the massive storage compartment under the passenger seat there are plenty of areas to keep your item's stowed.

everything you would expect

wireless charging

Enjoy easy to use wireless phone charging, that will grip and keep your phone in place.

Phender pro

The Phender Pro Quick Release Fender Holder utilizes advanced technology and innovative design to make docking hassle-free.

pop up pylon

Completeing the true meaning of versatility with our pop up pylon, you can participate in multiple activities from a low tow point location.

RGB Lighting

LED Floor, panel and tower lights along with LED Halos in JL Audio Canisters bring a color and personality to your evenings on the water. Supra is introducing an industry exclusive quad beam, mid-ship underwater lights that will allow you to completely light up the middle of the boat at night.