What To Consider When Buying An Inboard Towboat

Buying an inboard towboat is a big decision. At Supra, we want to make the best decision for you and we’re confident we have a boat that fits your needs. Whether you’re just starting to discover and shop for your needs or you’re ready to make a decision there are a few somewhat less obvious factors to consider. These are good things to keep in mind while browsing websites or face-to-face with a dealer representative.


Your local dealer is likely the most important factor when shopping for a boat. You want to be confident in their ability to provide a seamless experience on and off the water. And you want to trust them to take care of you and your boat when it matters most. Shop for your dealer like a boat. Get to know them by visiting multiple times. Go in with a lot of questions no matter how experienced of boat you are. Their level of knowledge and expertise is critical to a long lasting relationship. And if they can’t answer your questions on the spot (not necessarily a bad sign, notice their follow up).


A comprehensive warranty is essential on big purchases like a boat. You deserve to have complete confidence in the reliability of your product on the water, as well as out of the water should an issue arise. With the purchase of any new Supra you get the added confidence provided by the Supra Protection Plan. This warranty plan includes four unique levels of industry-leading coverage to ensure years of worry-free operation of your towboat


It’s typical to see manufacturers offer attractive lower base prices on a model to keep your interest, only to see it rise quickly after you’ve added a few essential options. Supra carries the reputation of having boats packed with standards that are optional equipment from other manufactures. Keep that in mind when comparing boats and prices. Better yet, download the Supra catalog, compare and bring your questions into your local dealer. They are on the frontline of helping you make a decision you’ll be happy with for a very long time.


Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to boat size. Finding the right size for you and your family’s needs is what is most important in determining your perfect fit. Choosing the right length for you is one of the first steps in ensuring you get just the right amount of boat for you and your family. If you’re storing your Supra on private property, think about the size and space you have to accommodate a boat and trailer.

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