Unveiling the Supra SV: Pioneering the Future of Luxury Boating

Welcome to the future of luxury boating: the all-new Supra SV. The SV is the successor to the Supra SR, bringing with it a host of enhancements and innovations that set it apart in the world of wakeboats. From its powerful performance to its luxurious design, the Supra SV is a testament to Supra’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Performance & Power

The Supra SV model is powered by the potent Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine, which provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions. The Supra SV model offers three different Raptor engines:

  1. Raptor 400 by Indmar: This engine delivers 404 ft-lbs of torque for faster acceleration and planing. It has a horsepower of 350 and uses 89 octane unleaded fuel (maximum 10% ethanol).
  2. Raptor 450 by Indmar: An upgrade from the Raptor 400, this engine provides an additional 60 HP and 48 lb-ft of torque, resulting in more punch from the throttle. It has a horsepower of 410 and also uses 89 octane unleaded fuel (maximum 10% ethanol).
  3. ROUSHcharged™ Raptor 575 by Indmar: This optional engine cranks out an incredible 580 lb-ft of torque. It has a horsepower of 510 and uses 93 octane unleaded fuel (maximum 10% ethanol). This engine is available on select Supra models.

These engines are designed with Torque Centric Performance (TCP) technology, which provides best-in-class torque and horsepower between 2,500 and 3,500 RPMs. This ensures off-the-line boat planing and lightning-fast rider pulls, even with full ballast and a maxed-out crew onboard.

Additionally, all Raptor engines are close-cooled as factory equipment, which maintains consistent engine temperatures, contributing to better fuel economy and performance. This technology also eliminates corrosion while providing protection from aquatic invasive species, leading to longer engine life.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the 6.2L Raptor Series is inherently more efficient, giving you more low-end power while consuming less fuel. This translates to more time on the water and less time at the pump.

Innovations & Wake-Shaping Technology

The Supra SV model incorporates advanced technologies to enhance your wakeboarding and surfing experience. Two of these technologies are the AutoWake® system and the Swell™ Surf System.

AutoWake® is an innovative autopilot system engineered specifically to help riders create their ideal wake. This advanced system eliminates guesswork by automatically adjusting the hull’s position to deliver a precise wake or wave on every occasion. Simultaneously, it ensures an uninterrupted and distraction-free experience for both passengers and the driver.

It’s as simple to operate as it is effective. The system uses four patented, advanced sensors to continuously ensure the hull position maintains optimal pitch, roll, and draft, adjusting the ballast accordingly. The pitch of your boat affects the shape of your wake or wave, with too much pitch resulting in a tall wave that dies quickly and too little resulting in a long wave with little push. AutoWake adjusts your boat’s pitch in real-time. The system also monitors the roll of your boat, which can be the difference between a crisp wave and a mushy one. The deeper your boat sits in the water, the more water it can displace behind it to create bigger wakes and waves. AutoWake continuously monitors these factors so you don’t have to. With AutoWake’s Predictive State feature, your boat will fill ballast to reach the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement before the boat even leaves the dock. As the driver, you no longer have to manually adjust your boat every time riders switch out. Just hit the rider’s preferred setting on your SV, and it will take care of it.

The Swell™ Surf System works in tandem with the AutoWake® system and the Supra® Launch System to provide an unparalleled riding experience. Both the Swell Surf System and SmartPlate deploy during acceleration to get you on a plane faster. The Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push all the way through—perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side. The Supra SmartPlate optimizes hull position for better wake and wave control and can be used to smooth out the ride in rough water.

These systems, combined with the powerful Raptor by Indmar engines, make the Supra SV model a top choice for those seeking a high-performance, technologically advanced wakeboarding and surfing experience.

Luxurious Design & Features

The Supra SV is not just about performance; it’s also about luxury.  New colors like Spearmint, Slate Blue, Ultraviolet Flake, and Arctic Blue Flake are available, adding to the vessel’s aesthetic appeal. The SV also features a spacious layout with seating options for up to 15 people, ensuring comfort for all on board.

Advanced Audio System

The Supra SV boasts an exclusive sound system only found in Supra; Dynamic Sound Design or DSD. With active DSP Tech and custom tuning, the 18-speaker standard system delivers unparalleled sound quality. The user-friendly controls and integration with the boat’s interior make this audio system a standout feature of the Supra SV.

Comparing the Supra SV and Supra SR

While the Supra SR was a remarkable vessel in its own right, the Supra SV takes things to a new level. The SV boasts improved performance, enhanced design, and additional features that set it apart. From its updated swell system aesthetics to its optional interior washdown system, the Supra SV is a significant upgrade from its predecessor. 

Here are some key differences between the Supra SV and SR models:

  • Overall Length: The SV model is longer than the SR model. The exact length of the SV is 21’10” while the SR model was an overall length of 20’11”.
  • Capacity: The SV model can accommodate more people than the SR model. The exact capacity of the SV is a 15 person capacity while SR model had a capacity of 14 people.
  • Standard Ballast: The SV model has a larger standard ballast than the SR model. The exact ballast of the SV is 3,800lbs while the SR model had a standard ballast of 3,300 lbs.
  • Engine Options: The SV model now offers more engine options than the SR model. The SR model has engine options of 400 – 450, but the engine options for the SV are 400, 450, 575.

Visit a Local Supra Dealer for More Information

For more information on the Supra SV, prospective buyers are encouraged to visit their local Supra dealer. These dealers can provide detailed information on the SV’s features and capabilities, helping buyers make an informed decision.

The Supra SV represents the perfect blend of luxury and innovation. With its powerful performance, advanced wake-shaping technology, luxurious design, and advanced audio system, this vessel is a testament to Supra’s commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast or simply enjoy luxury boating, the Supra SV is a vessel that promises to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What sets the Supra SV apart from other models in the Supra lineup? The Supra SV stands out for its exceptional performance, innovative features, and enhanced design, offering a unique blend of luxury and cutting-edge technology.
  2. How does the Supra SV compare to the Supra SR model? The Supra SV offers improvements in performance and design, with additional space and features compared to the SR model while retaining Supra’s signature luxury and innovation.
  3. What engine options are available for the Supra SV? The Supra SV comes with multiple Indmar Marine engine options 400, 450, 550, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability to match the boat’s exceptional design.
  4. Does the Supra SV come equipped with the latest wake-shaping technology? Yes, the Supra SV features innovative wake-shaping technology for a customizable and exhilarating wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and skiing experience.
  5. What luxurious features can I expect on the Supra SV? The Supra SV is designed with premium finishes, a spacious layout, advanced audio system, and a range of innovative features that set it apart from competitors.
  6. Is the Supra SV suitable for both wakeboarding and water skiing? Yes, the Supra SV is designed to deliver a fantastic experience for both wakeboarding and water skiing, thanks to its powerful engine and innovative wake-shaping technology.
  7. What kind of warranty is offered for the Supra SV? The Supra SV comes with a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment in a luxury wakeboat.
  8. Where can I find more information about the Supra SV, including specifications and pricing? Detailed information about the Supra SV, including model specifications and pricing, is available on the Supra Boats website or at your local Supra dealer.