Immerse yourself in sound like never before.  Feel the power of sound as DSD brings you full dynamic range and clarity – no matter the volume, seating arrangement or music genre. Groundbreaking technology and unrivaled engineering paired so every note, every beat, and every lyric comes alive with remarkable clarity and depth.

Precision Engineering for Unrivaled Quality

At Supra Boats, we understand that true luxury requires a level of attention to detail that is simply unmatched. That’s why we embarked on a groundbreaking journey to develop a premium audio system the redefines marine sound. We partnered with an industry veteran known for their innovation, design and acoustical expertise for this journey.  Every element of the audio system was meticulously crafted to meet our exacting standards through extensive collaboration between our Supra engineering team and our trusted partner, which resulted in the DSD audio system. Audio you can feel, to enhance your boating experience and move you in ways you never thought possible.

iMmerse yourself.

We believe in pushing boundaries and setting new standards. We are proud to include DSD as an exclusive feature in our line of extraordinary watercraft. Prepare to be captivated, to be transported, and to be immersed in a sonic realm that is simply unmatched

audio you can feel.

Enter the world of luxury and unrivaled sound experience.  Dynamic Sound Design is an on-board audio experience, not a volume level.  We seamlessly pair active DSP technology with carefully selected components integrated throughout the boat, delivering the perfect blend of power and finesse to your music.  You will hear the finest details, delivering enhanced musical authenticity.


Active DSP is a revolutionary technology that adapts to your listening environment keeping your boat sound in perfect harmony. Powerful Digital Signal Processing makes real time adjustments at every volume level delivering unparalleled audio quality that is tailored for every moment, moving you with audio you can feel.

a symphony of firsts

Embark on an extraordinary sonic journey that will redefine your boating experience by way of many industry firsts such as a 22 speaker total system, integrated tower side panel 6 speaker design, 6 speaker dash and glovebox integration, ported and enclosed cockpit speakers plus the use of active control for the first time on 2 zones of sound.

Get ready to be captivated by the depth, clarity, and immersion that DSD Audio offers. Elevate your boating adventures to uncharted sonic realms and let the incredible power of DSD Audio by Supra ignite your senses like never before.

Unleash the Power - Sonic Dominance

Prepare to be blown away by the raw power of our audio system. With not one, not two, but five amps at its core delivering 25 channels of amplification. Supra Boat’s DSD audio system is engineered to deliver a truly immersive audio experience. Each channel is meticulously tailored by our advanced active DSP technology, ensuring every note is delivered with unrivaled precision and depth.


The active DSP technology dynamically adjusts the signal sent to each of the 25 channels based on the specific frequency range covered by our 22 speakers.  Whether you’re cranking up the volume or enjoying a serene evening on the water, our active DSP ensures that every note is delivered with unrivaled precision and depth.

Mesmerizing Sound - 22 Speakers

Feel the music all around you with our mesmerizing 22-speaker setup. From the bow to the stern, the cockpit to the tower, our audio system envelops you in a seamless sound. With every speaker meticulously positioned and engineered, you’ll experience an audio landscape like no other. Even as the boat glides through the water, our tower speakers ensure that the music follows you, keeping the party alive no matter where you go.

Precision Ported Enclosures - The Art of Sound Perfection

Expertly engineered into the boat’s fiberglass, our ported enclosures create the perfect environment for low-frequency sound waves to flourish from our coaxial speakers in the boats cockpit. Every beat resonates in your bones, making each moment on the water an unforgettable audio journey. These ported enclosures are a testament to our commitment to delivering audio you can feel, a true hallmark of luxury and innovation with this industry-first.

Unmatched Clarity - Integrated Dash Speakers for Optimal Sound Design

Discover the epitome of sound design with our integrated dash speakers. Engineered and strategically placed on-axis tweeters combined with directive woofers create an expansive sound stage at the observer and helm seating areas while also immersing the center of the boat with full sound.  Each of the six speakers has its own dedicated channel of amplification so active DSP tuning can be independently applied making every word, lyric and instrument crystal clear allowing you to lose yourself in the music like never before. Prepare to be enchanted by the breathtaking clarity and precision that our integrated dash speakers deliver.

Thunderous Bass

Prepare to feel the thunder as we take your audio experience to new depths with our standard dual 12-inch subs. These powerhouse subs are an integral part of our audio system, designed to deliver ground-shaking bass that works in harmony with the abundance of other speakers throughout the boat. Whether you’re pumping up the party with swelling bass or enjoying a tranquil moment on the water, our dual 12-inch subs add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure.

Unmatched Audio Quality - The Ultimate in Sound Purity

When it comes to audio, there is simply no compromise on quality. Our new audio system is equipped with some of the most advanced audio technology available, designed to deliver crystal-clear, pure sound with a rich, deep, and lifelike audio experience. Every detail of our system has been meticulously crafted to ensure that you feel the music in your bones, making it an experience that moves you.

Craftsmanship Redefined

Our audio system is a masterpiece of design and engineering. From the expertly-crafted speakers to the polished finishes and rich materials, every detail has been meticulously designed to complement any boat interior, providing the ultimate luxury experience. With audio that moves you, you’ll never want to leave your boat.

ignite your senses.

DSD is designed to enhance your senses, making your boating experience even more memorable. With audio that moves you and ignites your senses, DSD creates the perfect atmosphere to enhance your boating experience.


Designed to complement the aggressive new design of the tower for a seamless appearance to complement the sound, our new acoustically designed and integrated fiberglass enclosures use shared air space to couple dual speaker so they can carry powerful audio to riders.


The 12" dual subwoofers with custom machined grills, placed midship, deliver thunderous and powerful low frequency energy to complement the 20-speaker sound system.

tower Side Panel speakers

Industry first design with independent application of 6 speakers and active control resulting in effortless tonal detail. Speaker locations are purposefully designed into the side panels of the Supra tower to elevate and immerse the cockpit with seamless sound.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury design as DSD seamlessly integrates into the exquisite craftsmanship of Supra Boats. Meticulously engineered to deliver stunning audio while complementing the sophisticated aesthetics Supra is known for, DSD is a testament to the unwavering pursuit of perfection.