Worlds Features

Custom Worlds Wrap Graphic
Black Powder Coated Tower Accessories
Upgraded Stereo, Speakers and Amp
Driver's Seat Slide and Swivel
Upgraded Swivel Board Racks
Custom Worlds Tandem Trailer

Customise Worolds Supra
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Launch 21V
Launch 22V
Launch 242
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Sunsport 21V
Sunsport 22V
Sunsport 242

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WWA World’s Championships Edition
Available on both Launch & Sunsport models

The new World’s Edition Series boats make a statement like no other on the water. The ultimate in individual style and performance, you won’t just soar high above the world, you’ll sit on top of it wherever you go. The Red, Black and White color pattern and graphic scheme for 2011 is a tribute to Supra’s continued sponsorship with the WWA’s World Wakeboard Championship, the world’s most prestigious wakeboarding event.

World’s Edition Series boats have all the power you need to take you to phenomenal heights in a hurry. Optional on all models is the Indmar ETX CAT 5.7L V-8 340HP engine with catalytic converter - the cleanest burning engine on the water. Plus, it’s one of the few Four Star rated engines in the industry. Standard pump in tank fuel delivery system enhances reliability, while a new OJ prop maximizes hole shot and speed holding characteristics.

World’s Edition Series boats have upgraded stereo and speakers, custom black 4-speaker light bar with LED lights and spinner speaker cans, Z-5 cargo rack, dual batteries with new on-board charger, and loaded out tandem trailer with 18-inch custom wheels and fenders with spare tire.

The Supra line has towed at every competitive level in the sport. But now, get ready to compete at a higher altitude. With your board and with your boat.

Available on Launch 21V, Launch 22V, Launch 242, and now on the Sunsport 20V, Sunsport 21V, Sunsport 22V and Sunsport 242 models.