Precise wakes and waves. Every rider. Every time.

AutoWake® is an autopilot system for your wakes and waves. It’s our patented and industry-exclusive hull management system that automatically and intuitively manages hull position to deliver a precise wake or wave to any rider, in any water condition without passenger interruption or driver distraction.

The Autopilot System for your Wakes & Waves

How does it work? AutoWake features four patented systems that work together to automatically and continuously manage the position of your hull for a precise and repeatable wake for every rider, in every water condition.

AutoWake Leveling

This new AutoWake feature independently adjusts each Swell™ Surf Plate as needed until the boat is level. It's available in both "Cruise" and "Back to Dock" profile settings.


AutoWake’s Predictive State feature measures and fills ballast to achieve the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement before the boat even leaves the dock.


This system features six fast-filling ballast pumps that drastically reduce the time it takes for the ballast to reach its predicted state.


Your personalized wake and wave is always waiting with customizable rider profiles.


Patented sensors throughout the ballast automatically, and continuously, sense your hull’s position in the water to keep your settings locked in.

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