The Quickest Path to Precise Wakes

The most precise wakes are formed by some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. From the innovative and industry-exclusive AutoWake to our high performance surf boat systems, the same advancements that propel professional wakeboard and wake surf athletes comes standard on your Supra.









The wake you've been waiting for

Introducing the industry's only patented technology specifically designed to take all of the frustration out of setting up your wake. Supra's revolutionary AutoWake* technology monitors the running attitude of the boat and adjusts ballast levels automatically to maintain optimal hull position for either surfing or wakeboarding. Combined with our proven Swell 2.0 Surf system and second generation Smartplate, AutoWake delivers precise wakes or Surf waves that are easily set up, repeatable and fully customizable for riders of any skill level.

*U.S. Patent No. 8,798,825 and other patents pending. See

Vision Touch Operation

Factory installed rider profiles in the VISION Touch put AutoWake to work. Simply choose a rider profile, engage AutoWake and start your ride

Ideal Hull Positioning

How your hull sits in the water is the most important factor in achieving a precise wake or surf wave. AutoWake positions the boat in the water at the optimal angle to deliver just that.

Full System Integration

AutoWake is fully-integrated with the Supra Swell 2.0 System and Supra Smart Plate, with all three systems being fully customizable depending on rider preference.

Constant Measurement

AutoWake's integrated sensor constantly measures for changes in weight distribution inside the boat. It detects pitch, roll and depth in the water, and adjusts ballast automatically to maintain your wake’s shape.

Swell Surf System

Our second generation surf system is a hallmark of Supra performance. Redesigned, contoured plates calm water turbulence and route it to the sweet spot -- delivering a clean face with more height and an unmatched push

Supra Smart Plate

Supra's second generation smart plate provides improved shaping capability with 50% more surface area. Fine-tune your wakes and waves from beginner to advanced or anywhere in between.

Launch System

The Supra Launch System combines the power of the Supra Smart Plate and revised Swell Surf System to make planing with a large load faster and smoother than ever before. Simply punch the throttle and feel the low-drag system do all the work.

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